Why JS?

Jockswitch.com is specialized online high traffic option to buy and sell used sports gear.  Your $5 ad will target thousands of savvy and specific sports buyers looking for certain sports related items.   The sheer quantity of qualified sports shoppers will substantially enhance the value of your product being sold while giving the buyer a highly specialized variety of items to choose from and all with huge savings compared to the cost of new which is a great economic alternative.

Here’s a quick example,  I took my twice used $225 Demarni Softball bat to a retail sports reseller and they offered me $35…I sold it on JockSwitch.com in 3 days for $120.  For various reasons, a lot of the products on our site are barely used and some items are brand new and never used so it’s just makes sense to buy and sell most of your sporting goods with JockSwitch.com